big dog disposal , 6 yard rear load dumpster



Rear Load Dumpster

For projects with less than 8 cubic yards of waste, medium to large business scheduled trash pick up and residential demolitions.

For Large Households and Medium Businesses

A popular option for scheduled waste management services, recommended for 10-12 person workplaces, large households and small apartment buildings.

Big Dog Disposal - Mid Size Rear Loader

Our 8 yard rear load dumpster is a popular starting point for medium-large demo projects such as a kitchen and and dining room renovation, or large yard landscaping debris.

Container Dimensions

8 yard rear load container
8 Yard Rear Load
Height: 69”
Width: 64 ½”
Length: 129 ½"
Capacity: 8 Cubic Yards

** Please note, the dimensions listed are approximate measurements. Some containers may vary slightly in height or length while maintaining the same capacity.

If you need to place a container in a tight space, please let us know, we will work with you to find the best  solution for your location and needs. 


We at Big Dog Disposal are excellent problem solvers and we will work with you to ensure your waste management needs are met!

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